It’s that time again, when the great Olympic mystery rears its head. Why is it that once every 4 years, normally sane people become obsessed with sports that they haven’t watched since the last Olympics. And also, they suddenly become experts, thinking they fully understand the rules and nuances and are quite prepared to pontificate at length on who they think will win, and why.

Confession 1:  I am that person. Between Olympics, I rarely watch any sport as most of it doesn’t interest me. Apart from F1 which I follow avidly from the comfort of my armchair with a beer in hand.

As for Opening Ceremonies, where do I start? What started as a parade of athletes has become a huge extravaganza, each host city trying to out perform and outspend its predecessors in a display of nationalistic pride. London 2012 was a pleasant change, Danny Boyle took a totally different approach which was wonderful.

Confession 2: I was born in London and spent most of my life there before moving out 6 years ago, so this is my “Home” Olympics. Naturally I think it is the best. I was annoyed to read that NBC cut a section of the opening ceremony in their broadcast because they thought it was too “downbeat”.

Talking of nationalistic pride, why is it that people who normally don’t give nationalism a second thought, are there waving their flags, painting their faces and rooting for athletes that they have never heard of before, but happen to come from their country.

Confession 3: Go Team GB