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Why is it that hollywood has to put happy endings on films that don’t need them? I know it is all focus groups and test screenings that cause producers to insist on changes to maximise their return, but do they think we are so naive that we can’t appreciate a film that doesn’t have a happy ending?

This post came about because yesterday I watched a film that suffered from this. The film was Lucky Number Slevin, released in 2006, with quite a good selection of named actors. I’d recorded it off the TV, and sat down to watch it on a wet Sunday afternoon. Initially it was nothing special, just a fairly violent thriller that didn’t stretch the grey cells. It was after the twist was revealed that it took on a whole new dimension and got interesting. OK, it wasn’t “The Usual Suspects”, but it was still interesting. And then came the happy ending! It didn’t work, wasn’t credible ( I couldn’t believe that Lindsey, the female half of the happy ending, would behave in such a manner after Slevin’s true character was revealed), and left me feeling deflated. What had turned into an enjoyable film was suddenly cut off at the knees, and I came away thinking of only the bad ending rather than the bulk of a reasonable film.

Has anyone got a favourite bad happy ending like this?